Hi, my name is Damian Taylor.

I'm a six time Grammy nominated record producer, music mixer and programmer, song writer, song doctor, sonic architect and explorer. I'm best known for my work with Bjork (in the studio and on stage), The Prodigy, The Killers, Arcade Fire, UNKLE, TR/ST, Odette, The Temper Trap, City of the Sun, and Dizzy, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can see a selected discography here.

I love creating music and art at the intersection of ideas and expression, performance and design; juxtaposing not only organic and synthetic methods of creation and manipulation but also cultural and stylistic concepts and perspectives.

Throughout my career I have been blessed to collaborate with and learn from many brilliant minds all around the world. Many seasons of my life have been spent in different niches of production and I benefit from the wide perspective that gives me. My driving goal in every project is figuring out how to maximize my artists and their vision.

I’ve always been deeply involved in pushing the boundaries of music technology, from traditional engineering to in depth digital editing, processing and mixing through all kinds of electronic instruments all the way over to software design and development. However this focus developed after spending my formative years learning instruments and playing in orchestras, bands, and ensembles of every size and type.

In other words, my technological inclinations are built on a foundation of understanding live performance, groups dynamics, and the way a big picture is comprised of smaller, interlocking, complementary elements. The result of all of this is that I feel equally at home making records with sequencers, samplers, and synths as I am with iconic performers and live bands.

I love it all.

While I do bring a tremendous depth of technical capabilities to the table, I believe my more significant assets are my empathy, my curiosity about my artists, my ability to listen and learn, and the insight to draw all of these threads into practical steps to deliver great records.

Finally, I am deeply passionate about the philosophy of creativity, sharing my knowledge and experience with up and coming producers, musicians, and engineers, and helping creative souls all around the world connect, collaborate, and grow.

I facilitate this with live streams from my studio on my Twitch channel, through conversations, events, and courses on the community network and education platform The Complete Producer Network, and via my newly launched YouTube channel.

If you'd like to keep up with everything I've been working on you can follow me on instagram and subscribe to my email list.

And if you're interested in the equipment I use I have a kit page with a lot of information too.

For further information about my production work you can visit Global Positioning Services, and to discuss working with me on a project please get in touch direct with my manager