First Listen (Today): Young Guns ‘I Want Out’ on BBC Radio 1

Tune in to BBC Radio 1 from 7pm GMT today (8/7/14) to be the first to hear the new Young Guns single ‘I Want Out’ played exclusively by Zane Lowe as his Hottest Record.

Gustav Wood (lead vocalist) will also be on the phone with Zane. ‘I Want Out’ will be available to download on iTunes from Friday. The forthcoming album was mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio.

Young Guns Wrapping Up Work On New Album, Mixed by Damian Taylor


Via antiMusic, July 2014:

Young Guns have revealed that they are putting the finishing touches on their new album, recorded in Bath, England, with producer Steve Osborne (Joy Division, U2, Peter Gabriel) with mixing by Damian Taylor (Arcade Fire, Bjork, The Killers) at his recording studio, Golden Ratio, in Montreal.
“We’re beyond excited,” says lead singer Gustav Wood. “We’ve pushed ourselves hard to become better songwriters and challenged ourselves to be more creative. We’re extremely proud of the results and feel this our best work to date.”

The yet-untitled disc is due for an early 2015 release, with the band previewing select songs during their upcoming North American tour with fellow Brits You Me At Six.

“The past few years have been amazing for us,” says Wood. “We’ve gone from buying a van on the internet and booking our own shows to having a number one single on American radio. But this is only the beginning for this band. We’re excited to return to the States this fall with You Me at Six and begin the next chapter of our story.”

Free Remixes Album from Fevers, Including “In Your Bones” Mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio

Damian recently mixed the this track, “In Your Bones”, for Fevers, an Anglo-Canadian band based a few hours from his studio in Montreal. Have a listen on Soundcloud or below.

They’re also very kindly giving it away for free as part of a remix package, which you can grab here.

Visit the official Fevers site at

Dummy’s 21st Century Pop Music 2014 Compilation: with Tirzah “I’m Not Dancing” (Damian Taylor Remix)

Dummy_21st_Century_Pop_Compilation_Art_750_750_90_sDUMMY has released a new compilation, featuring a mixture of new, exclusive, and unreleased tracks from some of their favorite new artists.

via DUMMY:

We are very happy to announce that we are releasing a new compilation, ‘Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014′, showcasing a mixture of new, exclusive, and unreleased tracks from some of their favourite new artists for 2014/15. Since launching as a website in 2009, we’ve dedicated ourselves to covering new and emerging music from across the globe under the banner of “21st Century Pop Music”.

While “pop music” is a pretty elastic phrase in 2014, we’ve always considered there to be an undercurrent of pop to everything that we write about, and that’s reflected in the tracklist of their our ever compilation … There’s also a global undercurrent to much of the music featured, something that’s always been central to our ethos. This is the first time that a lot of the tracks that make up the compilation have been given a physical release.

One of the never-before-heard tracks is the Damian Taylor remix of Greco-Roman pop singer Tirzah’s I’m Not Dancing (Dummy’s #2 song of 2013).

For more and to listen, visit DUMMY.


FEVERS – “In Your Bones” (off of Dance Cry Dance Remixes) (Mixing)TIRZAH – “I’m Not Dancing (Damian Taylor Remix)” (Dummy: 21st Century Pop Music 2014) (Remixing)MIRACLE FORTRESS – “Here’s to Feeling Good All the Time” (Single) (Mixing)JACOB COOPER - Silver Threads (Mixing)MIDDLE CLASS RUT - “Pick Up Your Head (Damian Taylor Remix)" (Remixing)ROMAN REMAINS - Zeal (Mixing)TRUST - Joyland (Vocal Producing and Mixing)MAS YSA - "Shame" (off of Worth EP) (Co-Producing)ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI - "Dream A Little Crazy" (Single) (Mixing)ARCADE FIRE - Reflektor (Additional Vocal Recording and Editing)TEGAN AND SARA - "Closer" (Damian Taylor Remix) (Remixing)BLACK ATLASS - "Paris" (Acoustic Version) (Engineering and Mixing)OCHO - Ocho (Mixer)AUSTRA - Olympia (Vocal Production)FOXTROTT - Shields EP (Mixing)LOQUAT - We Could Be Arsonists (Damian Taylor Remix) (Remixing)TRUST - Trst (Mixing)KIMBRA - Vows Remixes (Production and Mixing on "Two Way Street" Remix)THE KILLERS - Battle Born (Variously, production, mixing, programming)DIAMOND RINGS - Free Dimensional (Production, mixing, engineering, additional programming)MICACHU AND THE SHAPES - "Low Dogg" (Damian Taylor Remix) (Remixing)BJORK - Biophilia Multimedia Project – GRAMMY NOMINATED BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 2012 (Album + App Suite) (Music Mixing, Engineering, Programming and Composing, Custom Performance Software Design and Programming, CoWriter on "Moon")AUSTRA - Feel It Break (Album + Singles: Mixing, Additional Engineering)KIMBRA - "With My Hands" (Frankenweenie Unleashed!: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture) (Co-writer, Producer, Engineering, Programming, Mixing)DAMIAN TAYLOR AND ARCADE FIRE REMIXES - Sprawl II and Ready to Start (Remix Production and Mixing)COLIN STETSON - "Judges" (Damian Taylor Concretification Mix) - (Remix Producing, Programming, and Mixing)BJORK - Volta - (Album + Singles) GRAMMY NOMINATED BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 2008 (Variously, Pro Tools Editing, Programming, Engineering, CoProducer, Beats, Processing, etc etc)BJORK - Volta Live 18 Month World Tour 2007-2008 (Executive Musical Director, Electronic Musician & Reactablist)BJORK - Vespertine (Album + Singles) GRAMMY NOMINATED BEST ALTERNATIVE ALBUM 2001 (Variously, Pro Tools Editing, Programming, Engineering, Beats)BJORK - Theme from Moomin (Film) (Additional Production, Mixer, CoProgrammer, Pro Tools Editing, Processing, Engineer on "Comet Song" [film theme])BJORK - Dancer in the Dark (Pro Tools Editing, Additional Programming on "Scatterheart")BJORK- Joni Mitchell Covers Album (Pro Tools, Additional Programming, Mix on "The Boho Dance")THE PRODIGY - Invaders Must Die (Album + Singles) (Additional Production & Additional Editing)THE PRODIGY- Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (Album + Singles) GRAMMY NOMINATED - BEST DANCE ALBUM 2004 (Pro Tools Editing, Additional Programming)UNKLE - Never, Never Land (Album + Singles) (Variously - CoProducer, Additional Production, CoWriter, Programming, Pro Tools Editing, Engineer, Additional Mixing)UNKLE - Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats (Triple Mix) (Album) (Additional Production, Additional Programming, Additional Mixing, Pro Tools Editing)KASABIAN – Processed Beats (Single) L.S.F. 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Roots Manuva (Additional Production, Additional Programming, Pro Tools, Engineering, Mix)IAN BROWN – "Dolphins Were Monkeys" UNKLE + South Remix (Additional Production, Programming, Pro Tools Editing)IAN BROWN – "F.E.A.R" UNKLE Remix (CoProducer, Programming, Pro Tools, Mix)SARAH VAUGHN - "Fever" Adam Freeland Remix (GRAMMY NOMINATED - BEST REMIX 2005) (CoProducer, Programming, Engineering, Mix)THE DOORS  "Hello I Love You" Adam Freeland Remix (CoProducer, Programming, Engineering, Mix)BJORK – "All is Full of Love" Guy Sigsworth Mix (Pro Tools, Additional Programming, Mix)STINA NORDENSTAM - "People Are Strange" UNKLE Mix (A-side) (Additional Production, Programming, Pro Tools)BLUR - "Battle" UNKLE Remix (Additional Production, Pro Tools Editing, Additional Programming)EVIL NINE - "Cakehole" Midnight Son Remix (Producer, Programming, Engineer, Mix)SOUTH - "Paint The Silence" UNKLE Remix (Additional Production, Pro Tools, Programming), "Paint the Silence" South Remix (Pro Tools, Programming, Mix)SOUTH - "Overused" UNKLE Mix (Additional Production, Pro Tools, Additional Programming, Mix)KYLIE MINOGUE - "Slow" Radioslave Remix (Pro Tools Editing, Mix)METALLICA - "Frantic" UNKLE Remix (Additional Production, Programming, Pro Tools, Engineering)NIGO - "Freediving" South Remix (Additional Production, Pro Tools, Programming, Engineering, Mix)PLACEBO feat. 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