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Braids share new song “Taste” from forthcoming Deep in the Iris, mixed by Damian Taylor


Canadian electro-pop outfit Braids are the kind of band that have been enjoyable to follow their progressions over the past six years, as their amorphous music has taken various pleasing shapes. “Taste” is the latest tune to be let go from their forthcoming Deep In the Iris, which is out April 28 via Arbutus/Flemish Eye, and it’s one of the band’s most beautifully straightforward tunes yet, with soaring vocals and elegant piano cascading through a stuttered rhythm.

Deep in the Iris was mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio.

To listen, visit more at FADER.

Check out TR/ST’s darkly euphoric new single ‘Slug’, mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio


Have an existential crisis at the disco with the Canadian artist’s smokescreen synths

Even the most euphoric of moments from Canadian one-man-band TR/ST (aka Robert Alfons) often feel strangely introspective. On his new single “Slug,” following on from the twisted joy of last year’s Joyland LP, Alfons stands alone behind a smokescreen of synths and a driving beat, with that iconic voice just a little bit out of reach. “The themes are desolate,” Alfons told Dazed back in 2012; “It’s about control and all the gazing afterwards…all the little blooms that creep within.” With “Slug,” he’s more in control of that world and its creeping blooms than ever; it’s an existential crisis at the disco, punctuated by spoken-word reflections and crunchy, distorted breakdowns that add a dangerous counterpoint to a fist-pumping rhythm.

Get lost inside it at DAZED. “Slug” was mixed by Damian at his studio, Golden Ratio in Montreal.

Lenka Announces New Album With Premiere Of “Blue Skies” – produced by Damian Taylor


 the-fader_Lenka Announces New Album With Premiere Of Blue Skies produced by Damian Taylor

The Australian pop singer’s fourth LP, The Bright Side, comes out this summer

Whenever I DJ, I play Lenka—specifically, the Australian pop singer’s super-upbeat “Shock Me Into Love,” an album cut from 2011 that sounds like a best-case-scenario cross between The Blow and Britney Spears. It’s so sweet, and for a reason I can’t fully understand—it sounds faster than it really is?—it’s become one of my favorite songs ever.

Today, Lenka announces her fourth album, The Bright Side, with the premiere of lead single “Blue Skies.” Compared to my old go-to, her singing voice here—and the song’s overall atmosphere, produced by Damian Taylor—starts from a place that’s a bit more down. Over email to The FADER, Lenka explained her perspective on making it. “‘Blue Skies’ was written in my car on a stormy day, singing to my little boy in the back seat,” she said. “It’s about hope for the future and a feeling of certainty that everything will go our way. It’s about seeing though the dark and stormy times with the ones you love.”

To listen and for more, visit FADER.

New Doldrums album announced – mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio

Doldrums promo photo by Rebecca StormAirick Woodhead of Doldrums, photo by Rebecca Storm

Doldrums, fronted by Montreal’s Airick Woodhead, announced upcoming release of The Air Conditioned Nightmare, mixed by Damian Taylor at Golden Ratio in Montreal.  It comes out April 7 in the U.S. and April 6 in Europe via their new label home, Sub Pop.

The album is titled after Henry Miller’s 1945 collection of essays. Woodhead discussed the album’s central themes:

Conflict is at the heart of this album. There’s a lot of paranoid sentiment and Dystopian imagery in there. The threat of a mundane reality ties it together, as does an obsession with plasticity. Songs come from specific feelings or images. Anxiety is my default state.

For more, and to check out album track “Hotfoot”, visit Pitchfork.