Damian’s formative years were spent all over North America, Europe, the South Pacific and Middle East; these days he regularly travels and works even further afield. It’s safe to say this broad perspective has had a fundamental impact on him which comes out in his aesthetic and technique in the studio. From an early age Damian immersed himself in music in every imaginable situation, beginning with instrumental ensembles as a child, progressing to teenage garage bands and endless 4-track experiments, then onward to projects with iconic artists in top flight studios and improvised setups around the world.

His approach combines the DIY attitude of punk, the evolutionary mindset of the electronic underground, the methodical discipline of scientific enquiry, and the energy of the street with his massive passion for music and artistic expression. Damian has carved out his own techniques in the studio and software development that have brought him together with some of the world’s most talented and ground-breaking artists and producers. Despite all his technical abilities and innovation Damian is perhaps most valued for his ability to understand and empathise with an artist, often completely modifying his own methods and learning radically new skills in order to best serve a vision.

After establishing his career in London he has recently opened Golden Ratio in Montreal, a custom built recording studio designed in conjunction with acoustician John Brandt. Golden Ratio’s acoustic accuracy is on par with the world’s best and allows Damian to offer a comfortable, productive and creative space devoted entirely to his own projects.

Recent work includes Björk’s multi-media masterpiece Biophilia (writing, engineering, mixing, programming, software design) and Austra’s debut, Feel It Break (mixing).  Damian is currently in the studio in various stages of production with Diamond Rings, Arcade Fire, and TRUST. His full discography is available here.